Economy of Meaning: Finding Your Purpose

Wed, Jan 26, 2011


In my previous post I talked about the new economy that is on the horizon or even being created right now. The purpose of my discussion is not to invent some new theory and be all intellectual about it.  It’s to create a road map for all of us who are looking for the way forward for both ourselves and our children.  A way forward for the vast majority of people, not just for a select lucky few.

So how can this economy come about?  What is the foundation, the key thing that must happen to make this economy a reality?

It is our ability to define who we are, what our passion is, and what we love to do.  It is finding our niche.  It is finding our purpose.

This finding of purpose, though mentioned, talked about, and diagnosed, but it still poorly understood. It still seems that only a few people find their purpose and then after some magical mystical experience. We all know these people.  They appear on Oprah, they are celebrated, or they are famous.  But for the rest of us, as hard as we try, we still don’t seem to hit it.  Knowing about it and doing it seem to be two very different things.

But here, I believe that there is a coming transformation that is under way right now, right as I write this.  A transformation in our own consciousness that will be opening the doors for the vast majority of us to find our way, to really tune our internal receiver to that cosmic energy that makes our hearts sing, and which enables to contribute what we know we can.  The time to seek and find our purpose is now.

Together with your help I will examine this topic in detail.  First I’ll bring you books with detailed summaries of what their crucial message is.  I will interview individuals who have found their purpose and show you how they did it.  I will show you how we have got here so we might draw lessons about where we might go next.  And I need your help.  To help me find better sources, more information, share your own stories, and invent newer and better ways to crack this problem, so that together we can find our purpose and our way forward.


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