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About Safa Alai

Safa Alai is an entrepreneur and technologist deeply concerned with how the vast majority of the people of the world will find meaningful work in the future.  This interest necessarily ties into a study of purpose, the mind, and the subconscious.

Safa Alai left Iran in 1979 during the Iranian Revolution.  At that time, his father’s life, as a prominent member of the Baha’i community, was in danger and to survive, the entire family had to leave Iran.  He attended St. Edmund’s School, an all male English boarding school, and later graduated from The University of Nottingham with Master of Engineering in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

In 1990 he left England for the United States, and after working as a consultant at IBM in Florida, settled in Colorado where he founded several companies and worked on multimedia and gaming projects, creating one of the first multimedia streaming engines on the Internet for which he received a patent (U.S. Patent #5995091).

Throughout these years, Safa Alai’s experiences led him to turn inward, questioning his identity and his beliefs, an investigation which eventually led to a study of the mind and the subconscious.  Yet at the same time, as an engineer, he spent much time studying the effects of technology on society.  His concern about technology started in the early eighties, while still a teenager at St. Edmund’s School, where he debated with his chemistry teacher the potential of the human mind and if computers could replace humans, leading him to conclude that at their core human beings live to create meaning, meaning in their own lives and meaning in their social life.

This pursuit led him to write White Bow, a novel exploring the deep subconscious, and participate in two projects with Corwin Bell–the Bee Guardian, and Sacred Water–exploring how we connect meaning with nature, or as Safa Alai likes to put it, nature mysticism.

Yet ultimately, because of his concern for the plight of humanity caught in a material economy which, increasingly through automation (or productivity gain as economist put it), enriches beyond imagination a few and leaves most individuals without access to any means to a fulfilling career, he started writing about The Economy of Meaning.

Safa Alai lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and works as a Technical Program Manager for Google.