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Meaning in Life and Why it Matters – Susan Wolf

7. April 2013

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Life is meaningful, Susan Wolf postulates, when “subjective attraction meets objective attractiveness.” Subjective attraction is “care(ing) deeply about some thing or things” and objective attractiveness is the measure of the worth of the thing or things for which an individual cares deeply.

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Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief – Jordan B. Peterson

31. March 2011

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Jordan Peterson, in a personal quest to understand the horror of war, the existence of evil, and why religious belief exists, has set out to create a scientific and rational philosophy to unlock the very structure of belief.

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Man & His Symbols: Carl G. Jung

2. March 2011


Rating: A+ Essential Reading Ever tried reading any of Jung’s original works?  It’s like wading through mud, chest deep.  Yet, Jung’s theories are essential to the study of meaning and the subconscious.  So what do you do?  Read Man and His Symbols. This one book stands apart from Jung’s other works.  Before Jung theories were […]

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The Power of Your Subconscious Mind – Joseph Murphy

14. February 2011


RATING: B- Joseph Murphy has taken religious prayer and mantra and defined it as the invocation of the subconscious. A word of warning to those of you who do not agree with religion: this book is written by a religious man and is squarely based on his belief in Jesus and God. If you are […]

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